Research is a powerful tool to explore and understand issues, needs, ideas and solutions.


Research is a powerful tool to explore and understand issues, needs, ideas and solutions.

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Community research is above all a collaborative process, one which can create strong, evidence-based learning to help move services forward. Over the years we have carried out many community consultations, developed community questionnaires, written reports, and collaborated with other local and national organisations on a range of campaigns.

Coronavirus Survey

Here is a link to our latest research survey, click here to take part.
Community Research Selby


Evidence of need is an essential element to securing funding, accessing clients, and addressing gaps in service provision.
Our team have a wealth of experience in developing surveys, questionnaires, and consultations on a range of issues. In recent years these have included research into Community Transport, living with a disability in Selby District, attitudes towards sustainability, and Coming Out of COVID – what the Community needs.
We can create paper based and online resources, including QR codes to make participation as accessible as possible.

Our current research is around supporting the wider community as we come out of Covid. Please follow this link to take part and add your voice to our crucial piece of research, thank you.


We partner with other organisations and academic institutions to strengthen our understanding of key issues and to share those findings with both statutory and voluntary and community partners. This collaborative approach to research is critical for shared learning and improving service delivery for the benefit of all. Recent examples include:

Understanding the impact of the Selby District Equality Champions campaign – University of York, Centre for Applied Human Rights

Selby District AVS and the Selby District Neighbourhood Policing Time worked in partnership with York University to evaluate and understand the impact of the 2018 Equality Champions initiative, which was designed to provide an alternative reporting mechanism and support individuals experiencing hate crime.

Food insecurity – Understanding Delivery, Impact and Innovation in the North – Selby District AVS, Cheshire West Voluntary Action and East Riding Voluntary Action Services 

Funded by the VCS Emergencies Partnership in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, this research gathers local intelligence from across the voluntary and community sector in the North of England around food insecurity. The research was carried out to develop a deeper understanding of the activity, challenges, successes and priorities at a local level to inform the national evidence base for tackling food insecurity and the national Food Group’s Hunger and Hardship Strategy.

Read the full study here: Food insecurity – understanding local delivery, impact and innovation in the North.

Stop Start Project


‘Celebrate’ is a new approach we are developing, which provides an opportunity to ‘stand-up’ with our participants, celebrate achievements and positively impact other people by creating a culture of inspiration and social action. We use this approach to capture and share the impact of community-based activities.  We believe in the power of storytelling (to accompany the statistics!) to capture the true value of an intervention.  

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