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Past projects

We have been supporting people, organisations and community groups, throughout the district since 1977. Here are some highlights of recently completed projects we have delivered.

Past Projects

We have been supporting people, organisations and community groups, throughout the district since 1977. Here are some highlights of recently completed projects we have delivered.

Our legacy

We have a long history of delivering projects within the community. This section gives you a good overview of some of our more recent work, with key information about past projects. Please contact us if you need to know more about any of this work.

Community Engagement Forums (CEFs)

For 8 years we supported the community engagement work for a combination of the 5 CEFs covering Selby District.

We helped develop and run dozens of community events, workshops, and activities. These included themed activities, community consultations, demonstrations, guest speakers, campaigns and awareness raising on a range of local issues.

In addition, we supported community groups throughout the district to apply for CEF funding to support a huge array of projects including community buildings, historical groups, sporting activities, and the development of new targeted services.

Community Engagement Project
Community Opportunity

Community Opportunity

Funded by the European Social Fund, Community Opportunity worked with individuals through a specially designed workbook, setting out a variety of tasks to complete, meetings to attend and roles to try. Learners had the opportunity to volunteer at community events, assist with community activities and help staff the reception at Community House.

The project included a training programme, attended by participants, to look at their skills and abilities and how to utilise these to progress with their learning and employability. The group were also commissioned to design and coordinate a fundraising event for a local charity.

When Covid happened, we managed to deliver some of the remaining work virtually, with both one to one and small group meetings via Zoom and telephone. We also arranged additional online training opportunities.

The challenging programme of activity encouraged participants to work through progression routes and action planning, to help move their lives forward.

As a result, individuals were supported into paid employment, higher and further education and learning, creating their own businesses, establishing support groups, and taking on volunteering roles both within our own organisation, and others.

Parent Power Project

The Parent Power Project (PPP) aims to support parents who have children with additional needs, providing a voice for parents and working to ensure services are developed across Selby district to meet the needs of families in the area.

PPP has a steering group made up of parents and the development of the project was supported by Selby District AVS, Bee Able, Ryedale Special Families, North Yorkshire County Council and Beech Tree Surgery.

Weekly parent’s coffee mornings provide an opportunity to meet other parents, members of the PPP steering group and a range of different professionals. During school holidays, a free creche facility enables children to take part in various fun activities, facilitated by Bee-Able staff.

Parent Power Project
New Beginnings

New Beginnings

The New Beginning Initiative, funded by Selby District Council, worked to support organisations in developing their services, governance and development. A list of initial organisations to invite onto the scheme was provided by Selby District Council and the offer was also promoted through the SDAVS newsletter and on social media. 15 organisations were supported.

An initial assessment with each organisation created a score on how the organisation was performing across a range of areas – Governance, Marketing, Staff and Training, Quality, Money, Planning and Service Delivery.

Priorities were then discussed, and work agreed upon, with SDAVS providing assistance across the year. At the end of the project a further assessment and evaluation took place, to measure the impact New Beginning’s had had. The project was a great success and enabled organisations to take stock, strengthen core structures and services, as well as developing and future planning.

Community Activist Initiative

Through funding from SDC / NYCC, we were able to deliver two “How to be a Successful Community Activist” courses, with additional mentoring and support.

Each cohort comprised of 12 participants, consisting of individuals wanting to develop a new service, to0 small organisations wanting to make a significant step change. The first course was held in Eggborough and the second in Burton Salmon.

Each course comprised of six x 4hour sessions, with topics including funding, marketing, networking, impact, communication, challenges and action planning. As part of the course the Chief Executive of SDC attended, to discuss her role and how participants can access her for assistance.

A film was produced by York TV to promote the initiative, with filming taking place at SDC, including interviews with participants and the SDC Chief Executive.

Individuals and groups were supported with marketing, governance, funding, volunteer recruitment, event planning and training. Follow up support work included assistance with funding searches, completing funding applications, developing marketing campaigns, needs assessments, and completing strategic plans.


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