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Our Space

A brand new and lively venue, run by the community, for the community.

Our Space

A brand new and lively venue, run by the community, for the community.

Selby Big Local

In 2019 Selby Big Local bought a derelict shop in the heart of the Big Local area, to transform into a vibrant, community-owned and community-led space. This followed four years of talking to residents to understand what issues are most important to them. Finding a place for residents to come together and make “community happen” was a priority. 

58 Flaxley Road

58 Flaxley Road is just a building; but what is important to the Big Local Partnership is the people that visit it, the residents that come to think of it as a safe and welcoming haven, and for the opportunities that having a community-owned space, that responds to local priorities, can bring to the wider community.

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For our community

As residents themselves, those leading the Big Local project believe in the community and the power of honest and authentic voices, to bring about change.

They see Our Space as a place for socialising, learning and enterprise, offering everything and anything, including; cookery classes, workshops and training, after-school activities, and volunteer-led projects. But what the space offers is actually up to you!

Working with Thread Architects to co-design the space and create physical plans to reflect the community vision, the hope is that the building work will start in Autumn 2021. In the meantime, a full programme of events and activities are being provided, with alternative opportunities to come together as a community, socialise and learn.

Selby Big Local activities

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