Right to Challenge

The community right to challenge was introduced by the Localism Act 2012.  Charity, voluntary/community group, parish councils and groups of County Council employees have the right to submit an expression of interest in running specified County Council services, where they believe that they can do so differently and better. 

If you are considering submitting an expression of interest the County Council would welcome a discussion with you as far as possible in advance.  There may be ways in which the County Council can help you achieve what you want without you having to submit an expression of interest.

If NYCC accept your expression of interest, they will run a procurement exercise, which means they will invite interested bodies to bid for the contract to run the service. This will be open to any qualified organisation to bid for, including the private sector. The organisation that submits an expression of interest may not win the contract.

North Yorkshire County Council has produced a webpage outlining its approach for inviting and considering expressions of interest www.northyorks.gov.uk/crc    

 You can submit an expression of interest between 18 February and 31 March each year from 2013 onwards. Expressions of interest must be in writing, be clearly marked as an expression of interest under the community right to challenge.

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