Digital Neighbours Scheme


Volunteers and support staff from community groups in the district can sign up for free training, which will give them the techniques and confidence to show others how to use the internet.

The Digital Neighbours scheme is a two phase project to equip volunteers with the skills and confidence to teach others within their peer group and beyond how to use computers, tablets and other digital technologies so those people can access channels like social media, price comparison and local government websites, online shopping or retail platforms.

Volunteers will be linked to established community groups or charities, for example youth groups such as guides or scouts.

The project kicks off in October with two free training sessions. Completion of the first training phase of the project opens up a pathway to the second phase – which includes potential grant funding of up to £4,000 from North Yorkshire County Council Stronger Communities for digital peer-to-peer or community projects.

The Digital Neighbours training is provided by Selby Community Learning Partnership in association with North Yorkshire County Council’s Stronger Communities Programme and Adult Learning and Skills Service. 

Training sessions for the first part of the project are being held on 13 October 10am-1pm and 20 October 10am-1pm at the Green Cabin which is located in the car park at the side of Selby Community Primary School in Flaxley Road, Selby.

The application period for the second phase of the project runs from 1 November to January 2017. 

The project is aiming to fund at least five projects spread across the Selby district, which are expected to launch later in 2017.

This course is suitable for those with previous Computer / Digital Skills . Participants will gain accreditation from the Digital Inclusion Partnership and successful completion of the course.

To enrol on the course or to find out more about the scheme register your interest by emailing  


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