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    People don't realise that there are some great organisations within the building at Community House. It's a massive information hub for community support...

We exist to encourage effectiveness, collaboration and co-operation within the voluntary and community sector in Selby district and throughout North Yorkshire and work with other networks to ensure that the voices of the sector are heard.

Meet our team

Chris Hailey-Norris - Chief Officer      Tanya Reed-Forrester - Community House Officer

Alison Hartley      Katherine Robbins      

We have a wonderful team of volunteer car drivers and volunteer staff who support our Volunteer Car Scheme, help within Selby AVS and our in-house events such as Friendship Friday. Please see 'Community Transport' for more information about our Car Scheme.


About Selby AVS

We are a local support and development organisation, a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Learn more about what we offer by watching the following video;

We work with partners to support charitable, voluntary and community organisations and provide information and advice to enable a sustained approach to local development of the voluntary and community sector in Selby district.

We are committed to working with existing organisations across Selby District to promote partnership working. Together we identify and respond to new and emerging community needs and work to develop innovative projects to create future sustainability across the voluntary sector.

Selby District AVS is governed by a board of Trustees who meet monthly to make decisions about the financial and strategic direction of the organisation.

An Annual General Meeting is held each year for the trustees and staff to present a yearly report on what Selby District AVS has done during the year.

We have a large and diverse membership which helps us to represent your views and strengthens the voice of the voluntary and community sector in Selby District.

What We Offer

We provide information, direct support and specialist advice on all aspects of setting up and running a successful community group, charity or social enterprise in the Selby District area.

We service the Community Engagement Forums for the Central /Eastern/ Western and Southern parts of Selby District. We run the Selby District Volunteer Centre which matches individuals to volunteer opportunities and provides support to organisations which involve volunteers. Selby District AVS actively promotes volunteering through the use of volunteers across the range of our projects.

We manage Selby District Community Transport volunteer car driver scheme for people unable to access public transport and a minibus hire service for organisations. Both schemes are available to pre book.

We manage the Selby District Alcohol Service which provides support to anyone aged 18 or over living in Selby district concerned about their own alcohol use or that of a friend or family member.

We run our social enterprise, Community House based in the centre of Selby which provides serviced meeting, training and event rooms for hire and office accommodation on short or long term lease.

We produce and distribute a regulular information newsletter and coordinate regular meetings to share information and news between local voluntary and community sector organisations.