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Selby District AVS is your

Local Community Support Organisation


If you are being affected by the recent coronavirus measures and need help:


Contact Us For 

Support, advice, signposting & Information 


Monday – Friday 

8.30am to 5.00pm 


01757  291111  


To keep up to date with the latest information, sign up to our Facebook page:


Registered Charity Number: 1146109

North Yorkshire County Council
Selby District AVS
Selby District Council

Selby District AVS is available to offer support and information, and advice to those wishing to volunteer. 


If you need help with local services or someone to run errands, do your shopping, or pick up prescriptions, please contact: 01757 291 111 or  


Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 - 5:00pm 


Also, to keep up to date with the latest information, follow our Facebook page: CommunityHouseSelby 

  • We become a Community Support Organisation in late March.
  • Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm we provide telephone and email support
  • Throughout the day we update our Facebook page with the latest information we have received from North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), Selby District Council (SDC) and other organisations.
  • Each evening we produce a Daily Update bringing together all the latest news received during the day.
  • Enquiries have increased week on week, averaging between 30-40 per day.
  • We are maintaining a log of community volunteers and a file of key information.
  • Each Friday we have a meeting with NYCC and SDC to discuss our work, any emerging issues, and to update on our enquiry figures.
  • We are directly supporting a number of community support initiatives. This includes providing identity lanyards, parking permits, shopping services in Selby Town, marketing and problem solving.
  • SDC has deferred Community Engagement Forum funding for us to distribute, to provide financial support for PPE, travel, and other expenses for community support initiatives. 
  • We are regularly in contact with an increasing number of vulnerable people in the community, many of whom are struggling with the isolation and a range of mental health issues. Telephone, Zoom and email support activities are being provided
  • Working closely with Big Local, we have established our own volunteer shopping, prescription delivery and telephone befriending service for Selby Town Centre. In addition, we are working with Selby Foodbank to issue food vouchers to eligible clients.
  • We support NYCC with their register of vulnerable people, those ‘shielding’, trying to contact clients whom they have not been able to reach by telephone.
  • Selby Big Local have developed an information leaflet detailing what we are able to provide and the befriending support they are offering. This is being distributed to every household in the Big Local area.
  • Finally, we continue to provide support, information and advice to community groups and organisations, assisting with developing new community initiatives, groups and organisations.
  • Welcome to Selby District AVS

‘Being based in a central community venue has major benefits for our service and for partnership working’
Horton Housing